Asian College has always been enthusiastic about providing and extending assistance toward social support services to give positive outcomes to its stakeholders and its communities. With the launching of the Social Orientation and Community Involvement (SOCI) Department, spearheaded by SOCI Director, Ms. Maria Cristina B. Nano, it now builds a gateway through which the faculty, staff, and students of the institution get involved in social action and explore and develop their interest and passion, especially in the appreciation of volunteerism. Also, they are exposed to new cultures and ways of life. This experience can help to broaden perspectives and promote understanding between different groups of people. And an opportunity for individuals to give back to their community.

Just recently, the Social Orientation and Community Involvement (SOCI) Department conducted a supplemental feeding program, a long-term program that serves several purposes, including providing food to those in need, reducing malnutrition, and fostering a sense of community to its adaptive Purok in Barangay Taclobo. They were participated by selected students and faculty volunteers from all the college departments along with the full support of the Campus Administrator, Ms. Melody C. Prado. They were able to provide assistance to the three Puroks namely, Purok Banikanhon, Purok Santan, and Purok Valtimar/Taclobo Extension in the said Barangay.

The supplemental feeding program was participated by the pupils from the daycare centers of each Purok and it was made possible with the support of selected students and heads from the respective college departments of Asian College. The College of Business Administration was assigned to Purok Banikanhon, headed by Ms. Fe Nestoria Cena together with Ms. Julam Colina, Ms. Myrna Olivar, and Mr. Ruel Luzana. The College of Computer Studies and Engineering was appointed to Purok Santan, headed by Ms. Marte M. Dagpin alongside, Mr. Sherbert Pactol, Mr. Shakespeare Calibo, and Mr. Dominic Deloso. The College of Tourism and Hospitality Management was assigned to Purok Valtimar/Taclobo Extension, headed by Ms. Ann Adeil T. Pacudan and Mr. Karl Marx Pascobello. Furthermore, the students and faculty from the Senior High School Department prepared sumptuous food for the children. The faculty of the General Education Department assisted the event and was headed by Ms. Isabelita Panday.

Community services such as feeding program offered semi-annually by Asian College brought a realization that access to nutritious meals among children and other less fortunate members of the society is essential. Thus the institution commits itself to continue to support the community to develop holistically and provide support whenever needed.

It is without fail that Asian College is building a positive influence on the community. A privilege to serve and encourage others as they continue to help those in need and be part of a meaningful endeavor.

As Ms. Prado mentioned in her opening remarks, “This is not the first and last. Let this be the start of the many assistance Asian College will provide to Barangay Taclobo”.