To culminate the week-long celebration of the Padula 2023, Asian College gives a moment to handsome gentlemen as they display physical attractiveness, style, personality and grace during the Mr. Padula 2023. Celebrating the confidence, charisma, and physical attributes of men while also promoting positive values and social causes.

The contestants represents their respective colleges and departments. Competing in various categories such as sports wear, formal wear, and the question and answer session.

Grabbing the title as Mr. Padula 2023 is Joebert Alviola from the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Also, joining the top three is Ian Cid Farolan from the Senior High School – Grade 12 and Jason Mark Ribon from the College of Business Administration and Accountancy.

This competition goes beyond just physical beauty, as contestants are often required to demonstrate their knowledge of social issues, their communication skills, and their ability to engage with the public. In this way, they can help promote positive values and encourage others to be positive role models in their communities.

Ultimately, the essence of Mr. Padula is to celebrate the diversity and unique qualities of men while also promoting social awareness and positive values.