Asian College celebrates another fulfilling week for its students as it opens the 2023 Industry Week, an event that offers students the opportunity to interact with professionals from various industries and be exposed to related pursuits. During the week, the students get a chance to learn about different industries, the roles of the people in these industries, and the opportunities that exist within these fields.

The main goal of Industry Week is to introduce students to potential career paths and help them make informed decisions about their future. The three college departments of Asian College organized different activities for which students including the students from the Senior High School Department get to participate and showcase their creativity, talents, skills, and knowledge in their respective programs.

They also invited guest speakers from different industries, who come to share their experiences and provide insights into their respective fields. It allows students to gain knowledge, and practical experience, and get to interact and ask questions about their careers. They also get to have hands-on experience through workshops and demonstrations. Additionally, they learned about the challenges and demands of the industry and how they can prepare themselves to succeed in these fields.

Here is the list of activities for the College of Business Administration and Accountancy.

Here is the list of activities for the College of Computer Studies and Engineering. (CCSE)

Here is the list of activities for the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management. (CTHM)

The awarding ceremony was set on the last day which all participants were given certificates as an attestation of their hard work and dedication during the week-long celebration.
In conclusion, Industry Week is a valuable event that can benefit both students and schools. By exposing students to different industries and professionals, they can gain practical knowledge and insight that can guide them toward their future careers. It truly is a great way to inspire and motivate students, and it can also create opportunities for collaboration and partnership between schools and local businesses.